Коля Коробов


Kolya was born on December 14 in 2004. Despite his young age, he can already boast of his
achievements. But let’s talk about everything in order. As a child, Kolya grew very curious and
inquisitive. From the age of two he worked in different sections: male rhythmic gymnastics, ballroom
dancing, tennis, football and karate. But when he was nine years old, he got deeply attracted by music
and journalism. Kolya began to practice vocal, took a great interest in documentary films and began to
read a lot.

In 2015, he was cast for the talk show “To the Stars” (TV channel RU.TV) and immediately won the
love of the entire editorial board and performers. As part of this program, Kolya took part in a special
children’s section, where he gave his expert assessment of the promotional videos of Russian stars.

A few months later he was noticed by the management of the “Russian Music Box” TV channel and
was offered to lead his own program “Junior Chart” (thematic musical hit parade). Thanks to this
experience, Kolya learned how to give interviews, mastered the whole television process, including
work with the teleprompter: besides, he even became the editor of his own program.

One Summer he traveled to America, Los Angeles together with his parents, and there he was
enrolled in the New York Film Academy. He began to take vocal lessons from Peter Pergilidas (mentor
of the famous American show “Voice”) and studied the process of film production. At the present time,
Kolya is still taking lessons from Peter. His first video “Be my Baby” marked the successful
completion of the training with the mentor.

When the family returned to Russia and the parents closely engaged in their own business, Kolya
came up with an idea. He found a simple way to draw the parents’ attention back to himself. He gently
reminded them on behalf of all children that work is work, but children should be on schedule! That’s
how the second Kolya’s video, called “Little Bosses” was born. The main role in this video was played
by the famous Russian actor Dmitry Kharatyan. The first fans of Kolya’s philosophy were found on the
internet and they even made the eponymous cartoon on this topic. So for the first time, Kolya was
carried away by philosophy and began to think not only of himself, but also about the other children’s
interests: what they dream about, what they are afraid of, what they are going through.

Then came a turning point in Kolya’s life. He was noticed by the singer, actor and producer Alexei
Vorobyov and was offered a collaborative work with a celebrity. Both Lesha and Kolya with his parents
were in America at that time. They met and came up with a cool story of two brothers, who constantly
get into some funny situations. The first part of the story was their duet “Jamaica”, which has already
scored 13 million views on Youtube. Thanks to that video, Kolya was noticed by Andrey Malakhov and
was invited as an expert to one of the programs “Let them talk”. Shortly after, the TV channel “RU TV”
declared them nominees for the Russian Music Award (nomination “Best Duet”). So for the first time in
his life, Kolya Korobov was on a real grand music award festival, walked on the red carpet, gave an
interview and even performed on stage! It was this event that gave birth to Kolya’s own philosophy. He
finally understood why he was doing all this. Suddenly on the stage he screamed to the crowd of
thousands of people: “Videos are the fruits of music! And for a century! “This statement caused a
positive reaction from the leading and spectators!

But the story of the two brothers did not end here. It continued in Kolya’s solo video for the song
“Let’s dance”. Now Kolya is already performing this song at Moscow festivals and city celebrations.
In the meanwhile, Kolya continues to study music. He recorded a great cover for Justin Bieber’s
song “Baby”, for Michael Jackson’s song “Ben”, for the song of Robertino Loretti’s “Mama” and many
others. Now he is preparing to release his own material.

Despite being such a busy bee, Kolya doesn’t forget about his love for journalism. He made a series
of his video blogs “Stories about America”, which received a positive reaction on Youtube. At the
moment he is also working on his new project, which will unite all his hobbies and will become a real
motivator for all children, who continue to dream and become stronger and more successful every
single day!